Bat Houses

Bat Houses should be made from weathered wood when possible

They should not be painted or treated with any type of weather proofing
although they may be covered with a roofing material.

They should look like a bird house with the slats having a gap of 3/4"
accessible through the bottom.
The slats should be rough or grooved to help the bats to cling

It is preferable that the houses hang facing the south 8 feet to 15 feet above the ground.

Bat's are mammals that like to be warm

They give birth in June.

They are very very unlikely to give you rabies,
as rabies itself is rare in the New England Area.

Their getting caught in your hair is an " old wives tale ".

Be smart, do not handle them as they just like any other mammal
do get sick.

The mouths of these little brown bats are so small that it would be hard for them
to bite you even if they wanted too.

They are Mother Nature's Insect Control, they kill bugs
don't kill them ! ! !

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