Local Cedar Pond News

Some one in the area has a child who is a thief.
They broke into my camp and stole ( 2 ) Collector Snow Boards.
One has the " Budweiser Frogs " sitting in the snow by a chair lift,
quite a colorful board
The other has " Bud Light " on the bottom in very large lettering.
At the time that they were stolen they were in new condition with no bindings.
I have to dig out pictures and will post them.
They also stole some alcohol !

This post has been up for several years,
and will stay up until I find those boards

Unfortunately all ATV Trails are Closed for the 2018 - 2019,
Late Fall, Winter, and Early Spring.

I once again have left the Pond for the Winter. I have become very interested in Van Conversions.

At the time I am in Las Vegas, and plan to return to Florida near Early February 2019.
Plans are to purchase another van , larger than the one that I have now,
and bring it home before heading to London in early March.

I will place my Town and Country 2008 Chrysler Van, For Sale, upon returning from London around May 1st

The van converts from a Passenger 7 seater, to a camper in 10 minutes with No Tools Required.
It is in very good condition, from Florida, Never Seen Winter Ice, Snow, or Salt.