For Sale or Free

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...FREE... All the snow that you want. No need to call ahead
Just show up at 23 Spur Road (opposite the entrance to Cedar Pond)
Please take it from the Drive Way First.

...FOR SALE... Water Storage Tank with Valve, Snyder Model, 210 gallon, Horizontal Type, Reinforced tie down area
Large 8" cap for easy cleaning, Only used for storing Water and Maple Sap, $200
Similar Tank sells new at Tractor Supply for $500
Call (413)239-4727 or (603)400-4322     EMail:

... FOR SALE ... Really Old (1975) 340 TNT SkiDoo Bombardier, 2 cylinder
I don't remember much about it, but it was running when I parked it
Peter Steady (413)239-4727 or (603)400-4322     EMail

... FOR SALE ... Small Electric Cement Mixer.
Good for mixing a 50lb bag of Ready-Mix.
I use it for mixing my Peat Moss and Potting Soil. $95
Call (413)239-4727 or (603)400-4322     EMail:

... FOR SALE ... 2 Kayaks, 8-1/2 feet, Like New $150 each. Oars extra if interested
Call (413)239-4727 or (603)400-4322     EMail:

... FOR SALE ... 2 Brand New Oiless 3 gallon pancake Air Compressors,in the box, $50 each
1 second hand air compressor. Horizontal 3 gallon. $65
Call (413)239-4727 or (603)400-4322     EMail:

... FOR SALE ... (14) 2 foot sections of 6 inch galvanized stove pipe. $5 per section
Call (413)239-4727 or (603)400-4322 (     EMail: