Cedar Pond NH Pictures

All pictures Welcome !

Thank You Dorcas Lavoie . These are Great !

Dec 2017 to December 2018                                                                       Ice Fishing before the Rains

Hey. I have a few Pics Too

Camp Porch Foliage                                                                                  Looking East at Cedar Pond

Andy Thibodeau Jr. shared these Pictures from the Summer of 2018

A New Generation of Loons                                                                                Keeping an Eagle's Eye on the Pond

Wow! Talk sbout a Great Effort. Dealing with Extreme Weather Conditions

Swallow & Son Foundations ~ ~ ~ Jason Lavoie and Jake Westgate / Home Construction

Picture taken Dec20,2018, Last day of Fall

Roger Couture's new foundation, subfloor, and some framing, at 9 Spruce Street

Rogers Foundation Dec 20_2018 Rogers SubFloor Dec 20_2018

Looking towards the Pond December 24, 2018

Rogers Outside Studs Dec 24_2018

And now it's the day after Christmas 2018

Rogers Outside Sheathing1 Dec 26_2018 Rogers Outside Sheathing3 Dec 26_2018

Happy New Year. Garage and House framed. Time for some roofing. Bring on the trusses

Rogers Outside Sheathing3 Dec 26_2018

Mid January 2019. The Weather hasn't been Kind

Rogers House Roofed mid January 2019 Rogers House and Garage Roofed mid January 2019